When a calamitous series of mistakes put the Chiefs

Certainly sounds summery! But to keep it girly there are some flowery undertones like jasmine, rose and violet. But, just like her signature scent, some sandalwood was added to give it just that hint of spice. We’ll have to wait until it’s available to really know..

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The list is pretty long of non bowling related sponsors that have entered a partnership with the different areas of the bowling industry. What is fascinating about the relationship with Indy Car Racing is the bowling industry has rarely (if ever) stepped out of it’s own industry and sponsored another non bowling campaign. With the link up between the indy car and the bowling industries official on line source, bowling is finally reaching outside of it’s own industry to a demographic that is somewhat similar to it’s own..

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Gretta took to Clifford as a young sibling might to an older brother or sister, following his every move and not moving until he would lead. When it was time for supper, Gretta would even defer to him as he could be a little pushy. When it was time to nap, she would cuddle against him with her head on his back as two souls united in sleep..

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