Doing this got you a free 1 day ticket

More disturbing than the immature, disgusting lyrics that need to be defended is discovering how fervently some elected representatives ache to become the nation’s paddle wielding mamas and papas.Trumpeter Miles Davis, who throughout his career intentionally abandoned each stylistic advancement when it became comfortable, made a damned near suicidal leap in the mid ’60s. While leading a sophisticated quintet many still consider to be the finest jazz group ever, Davis decided to go electric, spiraling into primitive jams fueled by funk bassists and wah wah guitars. Jazz mags and their readers dismissed his jungle noise for several decades, only recently coming to appreciate it.

Fast forward to this past weekend when the young Canadian threw a Cape Cod soiree for the 4th of July which, coincidentally, happened to be the day the Bruins traded him to the Stars. Once again, social media delivered a blow to Seguin reputation, but not before Seguin hosted what looks like an epic bash. The best documentation of the night came in the form of a video that shows Seguin in a frat tank and backwards trucker hat grinding on a female party guest..

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